I’m a worrier. I don’t think I’d have got around the world a few years ago without being a worrier.

So this article will concentrate on the single “lady” being careful in Bangkok – or anywhere for that matter – rather than on the places she might want to visit.

First of all, I’d prefer “female” or “girl” or even “chick”. “Lady” sounds like a 1920s Englishwoman off on safari!

OK, so pack an extra pair of panties! That’s what you’d expect me to say, right? But that’s for a separate article.

When a girl is travelling alone, there are different rules and regulations than there are for a boy travelling alone. Often BECAUSE of boys travelling alone.

In Bangkok, unless you’re a well-seasoned traveller, DON’T just turn up at a backpackers’ hostel and ask for a bed. Even if you don’t get offered one in the corner of a room full of men smoking goodness-knows-what (and it does happen!), you’ll at best be squeezed into a women’s dorm in which are girls who return, drunk, at 2 a.m. and spend the rest of the night between bed and bathroom.

Ah, the bathroom! Bangkok’s aren’t the worst in the world (those are in Hong Kong in my experience) and they usually DO provide paper, but the female traveller ALWAYS needs to be wary of them! Travellers from the U.S. please remember – Eastern facilities are rarely “restrooms”.

If you sit, hold your bag on your lap; if you squat, strap it around our neck before you even drop your jeans. WHEREVER you travel, carry some tissues with you and always have some spare ones in your bags back at the hotel. There are few day-to-day things worse in life than there being no tp!

Back to bed. If you DO have to bunk in shared accommodation, keep your valuables in the bed with you – either in pockets of whatever you wear (and do wear something!) or under the sheet you’re lying on.

If you have a quick check of your belongings everytime you move, you’ll never forget them. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a phrase or sentence to represent your important things. (E.G. carrying a purse, tickets, money, keys, tampons and passport? The initials are P, T, M, K, T, P, so make up a silly phrase you’ll always remember. Something rude is often best (!), but here we’ll settle for “Please Take My Kettle To Paris”. Say that 10 times a day and you’ll soon know if anything’s missing!).

Where to hide things when on the move? Well, you’re a woman. An obvious hiding place for money is in your bra. If someone tries to pinch it from there, believe me, you’ll