You know that you’re in Hong Kong when:

..Your mobile phone rings while you’re shopping for dried seafoods and ginseng at a cluttered stall shadowed by a gleaming sky scraper.

..You’re eating bird’s nest soup next to a woman wearing a fashionable anti-pollution face mask matching her make-up.

..You’re heading upstairs with a stomach full of tea & dimsum when the person behind you glides up to say “m-goi” meaning “excuse me” and you will notice that everybody is standing on the right handside of the escalator except you.

..You’re on the busy street jampacked with bustling crowd holding cellphones and mp3′s dangling on their neck, group of tourists holding shopping bags, and a man in coat and tie holding a leather suitcase and eating a stick of hot sauced fishballs!

This is Hong Kong! A city of life, full of suprises, cultures, delicious foods, shopping, night life, beaches, lots of things to do and much more to be discovered!