China was first placed on my travel wish list in 1969 when I visited Hong Kongs New Territories during Chinas Cultural Revolution. Tourists were not allowed passage across the border and the only view offered was through a barbed highway barrier and from the Little Red Book of Mao Tse-Tung quotations sold by roadside hawkers.

After these many years I finally made my journey into China and traveled with Laurus Travel, a Canadian tour operator that specializes in China and small group adventures. The focus of the trip was Tibet and the Silk Road. Every day of the journey was filled with wonder and making connections with the people and places visited. I am anxious to return and experience more of Chinas diverse culture, landscapes and heritage.

For many, China represents an undiscovered land with an intriguing history, a massive silent population and an exploding economy. It has only been within the past sixteen years that the impact of what is now referred to as the New China has made it the most visited destination in Asia.

The countrys transportation infrastructure is new and what used to take months to travel from one end of the country to the other, is now accomplished via a five-hour flight. As we foreigners discover China for the first time, so are many Chinese citizens. The country is aggressive in its tourism promotion; development of a tourism infrastructure and packaged itineraries are reasonably priced.

First Impressions

Most visitors arrive in China through one of its main gateway cities, Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong. On the drive into the city center you realize that everything is new, modern, clean, streamlined, dramatic, efficient, and there is a lot of it. City populations are counted in the millions and skylines are packed with the striking architectural designs of new high-rise apartment, condominium and office complexes.

These gateways are also shopping meccas. Each offers a mix of high fashion and bargain knock-off shopping options, and there are many traditional craft factories and shops that specialize in items like silk, jade and cloisonné. Visitors quickly learn the knack of bargaining with a smile and that department stores and specialty shops post fixed prices. Each of these cities has several historic and important sites.


One of Chinas premier examples of modernization is quickly regaining its pre-WWII status as the most important business center in East Asia. There remain a few examples of its colonial past, including the buildings along the Bund, the main road fronting the Huangpu River in the old harbor and financial district. In contrast, across the river is the city new economic zone; the city iconic structure, the Orient Pearl TV Tour; and the Jin Mao Building, one of the allest in the world. The citys Shanghai Museum is considered one of the best in the nation.


This city has more than 1,000 years of imperial history and is the nations spiritual and political center. The must-see attractions include the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square, The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. Groups often enjoy an evening at the Chinese Opera, acrobatic shows or dining at a traditional Peking duck banquet. A short distance from the city is the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.

Hong Kong

Returned to China in 1997, this city has many reminders of its British Colonial times and is an Administrative Region of China. It is a prosperous business and trading center and, although now a bit pricey, is one of the worlds leading shopping destinations. Sightseeing should include a ride on the Star Ferry across Hong Kong harbor and aboard the double-decker tram to the top of Hong Kong Island. There are many museums and points of interest including Lantau Island for a visit and lunch at the Po Lin Monastery.


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Has Hollywood gone too far? Where is it going should be the actual question. Almost every movie coming out of Hollywood at this point is a remake of a foreign movie (The Departed – Internal Affairs from Hong Kong, Deja Vu – Some from Korea, Pulse – Kairo or Pulse from Japan) I could go on and on but it would be pointless. The really sad part is that they are, as usual sub-par remakes with little thought thrown in to making them at all original. The question is though, have we gone too far, and the answer is no. We aren’t going far enough. Horror movies, as were Science Fiction, a way to make deep political and radical statements without getting caught. Night of the Living Dead the hero was Black, not a lot of that happening in cinema at that time. It was also about a “virus from space” possible questions about governmental cover ups and straight out denial. We don’t do that any more, we leave it to the foreign movies.

The original “The Hills Have Eyes” a movie about mutations in the Nevada desert in the area were the atomic bomb testings went on. Families left to fend for themselves in the pits of waste left by government folly. The remake was done by French directors.

The Exorcist, voted by many to be one of the scariest movies ever made, questions religion, modern medicine and a families ability to tolerate them both. Would it get made now, who knows. The modern day “reality” horror is little more than a tit fest with some pig blood thrown in, it’s entertaining in a visceral way but not much in the

intellectual department. I don’t think it goes too far because how can something so absolutely comic bookish really push someone to their breaking point? Yes crime is rampant, and war is an every day reality but Hostel and Saw are just movies and not even ones that linger on the mind at that. When a Hollywood director comes up with an original idea that actually scares me I’ll be a little more happy than indignant.

China Demand for Uranium, World Growth in Electricity Demand to Drive Uranium Price Higher

Industry expert says all new production already factored in uranium price “We are consuming far more uranium than we are producing worldwide,” explained David Miller, Wyoming legislator and recently appointed president of Strathmore Resources (TSX-V: STM; OTC: STHJF.PK). “All the new production is already factored into the future market for uranium. We’re underwater right now without building one more nuclear power plant.” Nuclear reactor requirements have far outstripped current mining production for the past two decades. Current worldwide production is more than 80 million pounds, but the demand for uranium, which fuels nuclear reactors, is running an annual deficit of approximately 60 million pounds.

Electricity: Uranium’s Supply and Demand Problem

“We’re not going to run out of uranium, but where will the price go to encourage new production?” asked David Miller. “We are around over $33/pound now. Could it double again? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.” Kevin Bambrough, a research analyst for Sprott Asset Management, heartily agreed with Mr. Miller, saying, “We have just started a long term uranium bull market that will end in a ‘uranium mania’ as utilities and countries drive uranium prices to unbelievable highs as they compete to secure supplies.”

That driving force is demand for more electricity. Over the past 25 years, total world energy use expanded by almost 50 percent, with stronger growth in electricity usage. Demand for electricity is increasing far more rapidly than overall energy use. Electricity demand has been projected to grow 2.8 percent annually through 2010, and substantially more between then and 2020. About 2 billion people currently have no electricity access, and with United Nations forecasts of world population growth by 1.5 billion people in 2020, electricity demand will continue to grow.

As an interim solution to the greenhouse gas problem and climate changes, a growing number of countries are investigating nuclear energy to solve their burden of a soaring electrical demand. Presently, there is as much electricity generated by nuclear power as was provided by all sources worldwide in 1960.

Nuclear power generates more than 16 percent of the world’s electricity, nearly 24 percent of the OECD and 34 percent of the European Union’s electricity needs. In an April 2005 speech to the National Small Business Conference in Washington, President Bush announced, “Nuclear power is now providing about 20 percent of America’s electricity, with no air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power is one of the safest, cleanest sources of power in the world, and we need more of it here in America.”

Demand for electricity is projected to impact other commodities as well, not just the price of uranium. In the Energy Information Agency’s Annual Energy Outlook 2005, U.S. electricity demand will bring about increases in natural gas consumption. By 2025, the electric power sector will account for 31 percent of total demand for natural gas, as consumption increases from 5.0 trillion cubic feet in 2003 to 9.4 trillion cubic feet in 2025.

China’s Demand May Be Greater Than Anticipated

Today, 441 nuclear power reactors in 31 countries provide more than 16 percent of the world’s electricity. In 2003, that was 2525 billion kilowatt hours. Eleven countries are constructing thirty more reactors, mainly in China, but also in Russia, Japan and Korea. The International Atomic Energy Agency has projected at least 60 new power plants will be constructed over the next 15 years. By 2020, nuclear power’s electricity production share will increase to 17 percent.

“China is the future wild card,” said Miller. “Their current uranium demand is miniscule. They have a small nuclear industry. They may have three or four thousand megawatts of capacity. Their uranium demand is only about 4 or 5 million pounds per year. They meet that internally from their own uranium deposits. But what they are planning for nuclear is probably the most aggressive program in the world. I visited China in 2003 to teach ISL (in situ leaching) uranium geology and ISL mining techniques to a couple of institutes. At that time, they were talking about building two new nuclear power plants per year for the next 20 years.”

But as Miller observed, they may have more ambitious plans. He added, “Since then, I have heard of more aggressive programs. One article I read recently was entitled, Let 1000 Reactors Bloom. That is more than 200 percent of the nuclear reactors we now have on earth. I believe that is what the Chinese will be doing in the next 40 – 50 years, converting nearly 100 percent of their electrical generation from nuclear power.” Currently, China is generating less than three percent of their electricity from nuclear energy.

Miller speculates of how this might impact the price of uranium, “If they are building nearly three times the world fleet in just China, then that would be about 500 million pounds of uranium demand from China in fifty years. Other companies are announcing new nuclear power plants.” What does that mean for the price of uranium? Miller concluded, “So, the demand for uranium is going up. I think the growth in demand will be more rapid than we realize.”

Uranium Mining: A Slow Process

David Miller, who was previously interviewed by in June 2004, reflected on last year’s forecast, “I thought $30/pound was sufficiently high to encourage enough new production around the world.” But there are major issues with supplying the increasing appetite of the burgeoning nuclear power industry. Miller warned, “The problem with encouraging new production is you don’t turn these things on and off. The only uranium, coming onto the market in addition to what’s already planned right now, will come from the already-discovered deposits.”

Two years from now, Miller thinks the spot price of uranium could double again. “There are going to be a lot of people trying to put uranium mines into production, but it is not an easy process.” Permitting requirements in countries where most uranium is mined are roughly comparable. “If you haven’t done any work, after a discovery, it still will take about four to six years to mine in any of those areas.”

In early 2004, there were probably less than twenty uranium producers and exploration companies. Since then, the number of uranium exploration companies has jumped to more than 200. Miller warns investors that it could take up to 12 years for a grass roots project to begin mining yellowcake. Miller explained, “Starting, finding, permitting and mining a project is probably going to take a minimum of 12 to 20 years. From the start of the exploration program to defining the ore body, after you make a discovery, to starting the background and permitting process, to development and then finally mining – it’s going to take a long time.”

Through 2005, many uranium exploration companies announced new projects throughout Canada and the United States. Miller did not see how their efforts would immediately alleviate the uranium supply crunch, “If you are talking about any of those, such as in Labrador or the Yukon or in the basins outside the Athabasca Basin, or even within the Basin, for those that are just now doing their first exploration, you are talking the year 2020 before those could come online and supply uranium to the world market.”

But, what about the world’s richest concentrations of uranium in Canada’s Athabasca Basin? Will they help stem the rising uranium price? In a nutshell, Miller says no. He explained, “The next one to come online is Cigar Lake, but it was discovered over 20 years ago. There is another one called Shea Creek, which was discovered by Cogema more than a dozen years ago.” Could they start the permitting process on that one in the near future? “Absolutely,” Miller responded. “But it might be close to 2015 before it could bring any uranium to the world market.”

The future largest producing uranium mine in the world is likely to be Olympic Dam in Australia. It’s basically a copper mine with uranium grades. On October 27th Hong Kong-based institutional advisor Marc Faber, and author The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, told Dow Jones newswire that he thought copper prices would fall by as much as 40 percent. (Note: Marc Faber also said, “I’d be a physical buyer of uranium.”) “What happens when copper is $0.50/pound? What will be their cost of producing that uranium?” asked Dave Miller. “Olympic Dam is low grade uranium, less than 0.05 percent U308. Their cost to operate the uranium portion of that will go up, if copper prices go down.”

Where else do utilities turn for their growing uranium needs?

David Miller argues that some of that uranium production is likely to come from the smaller, but well-capitalized, companies, such as Strathmore Minerals. “Our strategy from day one, and we haven’t veered from this at all, has been to acquire as many known uranium deposits as we possibly could,” explained Miller. “We started early in this uranium cycle in 2003. We were out there before 95 percent of these other uranium companies even thought of starting uranium companies. We were able to pick up some very good deposits in New Mexico and Wyoming. These are known, drilled-out uranium deposits in the country that’s produced as much as uranium anywhere else on earth. We’ve taken all that exploration information, where they discovered these old deposits, and have acquired a number of those old deposits. Now, we have opened a permitting office in New Mexico and starting the permitting process to put those into production, somewhere down the road. It’s a long process and all kinds of studies must be done to get these fully permitted and into production.”

But there is a second part to the Strathmore Minerals strategy. Miller announced, “Don’t ignore the richest uranium province on earth, which is the Athabasca Basin in Canada. Strathmore is the Number One landholder in the Athabasca Basin, controlling approximately 3 million acres in Canada. We have dozen different individual projects there. We are starting the exploration process on all of those.”

The case with Cameco (NYSE: CCJ), the blue chip publicly traded uranium producer, may also help fuel uranium prices rally to higher levels. They have forward sold their production. Added Miller, “I would bet their average sales price, under contract right now, of the 20+ million pounds they deliver every year is somewhere in the low teens – maybe $13/pound plus/minus $1-2. As these contracts mature, and bring on new contracts, that price is going to keep going up. They should keep going up for the next five years.”

The Case for Nuclear Energy

As electricity demand grows by leaps and bounds during the 21st century, many of the world’s governments are seriously considering nuclear energy as a safer alternative to coal-fired plants. As many study the safety issues of nuclear-powered electricity, they tend to conclude that nuclear energy may very well provide a healthier, as well as a less expensive, alternative to present power generation methods.

Miller pointed out, “In the 1970s, when the anti-nuclear movement was very strong, the U.S. was then mining and burning 600 million tons of coal each year. And now, thirty years later, because the anti-nuclear industry was successful, we are burning 1 billion tons of coal per year.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. air pollution in 1999, as a result of energy from coal, emitted more than 13 million tons of sulfur oxides and nearly 5.5 million tons of nitrous oxides. In a Harvard School of Public Health study, as many as 70,000 Americans are dying each year as a result of air pollution. From sulfur dioxide alone, Harvard estimated that 2400 Americans die for every million tons of sulfur dioxide emitted, or more than 30,000 American deaths annually.

But, air pollution is far worse elsewhere. “The pollution levels in China – from Shanghai to Beijing – are shocking,” said Miller. “Emphysema kills 5,000 people per year in the coal mines. They need nuclear power, probably more than any area on earth, to clean up their air.”

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I. Bridging and Switching
A. Frame relay
B. Catalyst configuration: VLANs, VTP, STP, MSTP, RSTP, Trunk, Etherchannel, management, features, advanced configuration, Layer 3
C. Tunneling
II. IP IGP Routing
C. RIPv2
D. IPv6: Addressing, RIPng, OSPFv3
G. Filtering, redistribution, summarization and other advanced features
C. Filtering, redistribution, summarization, synchronization, attributes and other advanced features
IV. IP and IOS Features
A. IP addressing
D. IP services
E. IOS user interfaces
F. System management
K. Accounting
V. IP Multicast
A. PIM-SM, bi-directional PIM
C. Multicast tools, source specific multicast
E. Anycast
A. Quality of service solutions
B. Classification
C. Congestion management, congestion avoidance
D. Policing and shaping
E. Signaling
F. Link efficiency mechanisms
G. Modular QoS command line
VII. Security
B. Security server protocols
C. Traffic filtering and firewalls
D. Access lists
E. Routing protocols security, catalyst security
G. Other security features
R&S Equipment List: and IOS Version:
The lab exam tests any feature that can be configured on the equipment and the IOS versions indicated below. You may see more recent IOS versions installed in the lab, but you will not be tested on the new features of a release unless indicated below.
3725 series routers – IOS 12.4 mainline – Advanced Enterprise Services
3825 series routers – IOS 12.4 mainline – Advanced Enterprise Services
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Would tourist attractions, Odessa lifestyle model and entertainment in Odessa really matter for a single backpacker? Since the very moment you take a look at Odessa Map, it would give you a single and definite answer. Odessa is the city known for its humor, the most beautiful women in Ukraine, rich story of the whole nation. Yes, right, not just the city, but a separate nation. As long as Moscow and Riga is supposed to be the separate states with separate governing system, Odessa is one of the kind to be included as the #3 in this hero-cities chain.

So, the first question from a “touristo” is: Where to stay?

The answer is… Try Odessa accommodations (hotels, apartments, hostels)

A few 4* hotels to name are: “Palladium” (Italians blvd., Kanatna str.), “Odessa”, former “Kempinski” hotel (Sea Port, near Potyomkin stairs) and popular among tourists “Arcadia Plaza” (one of the youngest hotels), that is close to the sea coast, night clubs and just beautiful and lively Fountain area in Odessa.

Rating: good quality, each room accommodate up to 3 guests, price – European standard.

Odessa apartments (privately owned, compact and convenient, furnished, equipped). By now Odessa apartments has got the most accommodations rating from tourists due to inexpensive prices, yet high standards and privacy.

Rating: high quality, high rating, accommodate up to 5 guests, prices vary dependable upon the accommodation level. Apartments have chambermaid service (weekly or, upon request), laundry and extra linen.

Odessa, the multinational city

Odessa counts over 1 million inhabitants. In general, the city is multinational and counts Bulgarians, Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians (the natives).

Odessa changes, Odessa grows and modernizes, Odessa blossoms and recreates as a “new generation” resort. Large monumental history (as many monuments not a single one of the European cities would possess), yet it would sound quite amazing when you see quite a few casinos around, 4*- 5* restaurants that would compete in quality and price volume in the entire world. So, who said Odessa is a Soviet place?

Odessa – a good place to gamble and eat? Now, further more…

Odessa restaurants (to name only a few) are Steak house (meat and wine) – #18 Deribaska str; Buffalo ’99 (European) – #7 Richelievska ( corner Deribaska); Estrelita (Italian) – #1 Yekaterinska str.; Sushi time (Japanese) – Lustdorfska road (Tavria); Hong Kong (Chinese) – Gavanna str. corner Deribaska; Mexico (Mexican) – Glushko str; Katran (Seafood) – #13 Mayachniy per; Koumanets – Lanzheronovskaya str. (corner Gavanna). Average level of receiving guests – homely manner, good food quality, friendly staff, credit cards accepted.

A few words to say about Odessa sights and night life not to forget what most of the backpackers come for: Shevchenko Park (cultural area); Sea coast; Potyomkin Staircase (mostly referred as the battle spot), Primorskiy Boulvd, Deribaska str; 411 Memorial Battery (dedicated to WW2, The Great War of 1941-1945); Dolphin park – Lanzheron beach; Arcadia beach & Night clubs; Preobrazhenskiy Monastery; Literature, Archaeological, Western & Eastern Arts Museums; Opera House, Russian Drama Theatre, Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Philarmony. And all of the places still remain the same as they were in Soviet age which every mature Odessan recalls with a warm smile on their face.

Let’s talk about night clubs. Yo; Fidel; Palladium; Hali Gali. Average age attended: 18-45, face control enabled. Establishments are mostly friendly and hospitable. A good place to dance, POP and electron music lovers.

Bowl/billiards places: Odin; Mexico; Profy – 24/7 service. Playing tables reservation, bars, saunas, exotic massage starting from Russian ending up Thai and Chinese techniques.

And, at last, beaches. We know a few now and let’s sum up our nice tour with the most sceneric areas of the coastal area. Arcadia; Delphin; Gold Coast; Karolino Bugaz – resort area, entertainment base, hotels, summer night clubs, pools. Shrewd Odessans will make you feel comfortable as long as you have the budget set up.

Destination guides also recommend the following sights Sofievka, Uman park; Ascania Nova, wild animal reserves; Vilkovo, Odessa Venice (excursion includes boat walks, meat and champagne lunch and some rest times to spend with the locals).

Bottom line for Odessa attractions. Odessa in Ukraine has been always noticed about in various, still fun and amazing in Memoirs by Isaak Babel, Vorontsov (whose stone monument remains standing high above the Odessa buildings), who’s put a lot effort into architecture and building of the hero city of Odessa.

Flights From Uk to Singapore

Posted on 9 May 2014 In: Flights to Hong Kong

There are an abundance of flights from London, to Beijing. China travel and China holidays are very popular these days and will be even more so when the Beijing 2008 Olympics are held next summer. It is important that you book your flights from UK to Beijing early, so you can get the best deals possible.

Beijing is the capital of China and has around 12.5 million people. If you are travelling to China, the best way to get there is to take flights from UK to Beijing and begin your journey there. Besides the fact that Beijing, and the surrounding areas, have many of the countries attractions, it is a base where you can find other flights to other areas of China. From Beijing, you can find flights to Shanghai, China, and cheap flights to Hong Kong. Considering that Beijing is the capital and the Beijing International Airport sees many international flights from all over the world, there are many cheap flights to Beijing, especially from the UK. The best times to find cheap flights to Beijing can be during the spring and summer months. You should be aware that the summer of 2008 will be a major destination for travellers the world over because of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. If you plan on China holidays for the Olympics, you should book your flights early to get the best price possible for flights from UK to Beijing.

China holidays and China travel will allow you to experience attractions that are world famous. Many of these attractions in China are in Beijing and the surrounding areas. The city of Beijing has been the centre of Chinese society for over 2,000 years. Probably, the biggest attraction in China is the Great Wall. China travel from the UK and China holidays are not complete without a visit to the Great Wall, which is one of the Eight Wonders of the World, and the only man-made structure that can be seen from the moon. The Great Wall of China is 6,700 km long and spans five provinces. The Forbidden City is one of the best-preserved imperial complexes in the entire world. The Forbidden City is just over 5 centuries old and has been the residence of many of the dynasties in China during that time period. There are 9,999 rooms and over 900,000 priceless antiques in the Forbidden City, and if you travel to Beijing, it is a must see destination. Tiananmen Square is located in Beijing itself, and it is the largest city square in the world. Tiananmen Square has seen many historic events throughout history and is the symbol of the sign of Beijing. The Mao Mausoleum, the Chinese Revolution History Museum, the beautiful Tiananmen Tower, and the Qianmen, which is the front gate of Tiananmen Square, surround the square. Every day at sunrise and sunset, there are flag ceremonies that should not be missed. There are many beautiful temples in Beijing such as the White Cloud Taoist Temple, The Temple of Heaven, and the Lama Temple, to name a few. The Silk Market in Beijing is a marketplace that can’t be missed by anyone visiting Beijing. Just a few of the many other attractions that Beijing has to offer are the Beijing Botanical Gardens, the Ming Tombs, and the Summer Palace.

There are many budget accommodations in Beijing, which is why China travel is very popular with backpackers, especially on their gap year. Cheap restaurants and food stalls are located throughout the city of Beijing. China travel is not complete without trying the delicious noodle dishes that can be found for relatively nothing on the streets of Beijing. Overall, the city of Beijing is a safe city, and the only dangers that travellers need to worry about are crossing the city streets, with the amount of traffic, and paying too much for souvenirs. Many people from around the world take China holidays for spiritual reasons, travelling to Beijing and other areas throughout the country.

The city is gearing up for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and there will be an increase in flights from around the world to Beijing leading up the Olympic games. The price of the flights from UK to Beijing will be more expensive the closer they are to the Olympics, so book early to find the best deals. Accommodations in the city will also fill up during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, so book your accommodations early as well. Beijing’s subway system will double in size for the Olympics, and there will be direct routes from Beijing International Airport to many areas in the city during the summer of 2008.

China travel and China holidays in the city of Beijing are very popular because of the many attractions that the city offers and especially with the Beijing 2008 Olympics fast approaching. There are many flights from UK to Beijing available, especially originating from London. The best possibility to find a cheap flight to China and a cheap flight to Beijing is probably from the London airports of Heathrow and Stansted. To get the best deal on a flight from the UK to Beijing, be sure to book early, especially if you are thinking of China travel during the time of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Discount Online Home Shopping

Posted on 8 May 2014 In: Hong Kong Transportations

Therefore, it was not a surprise that Internet shopping has caught on, and today individuals and businessmen are turning towards the net to provide them with all they are looking for. With today, transactions have become faster and more efficient. Another search engine I would like to see is one just for shopping. Internet is a modern solution which removes all the stress and wandering through each and every store. Spend some time around, and feel free to browse the Internet for excellent content. Discount website malls is available to all and that is why they have the largest net malls with the highest number of participating establishments. Therefore, discount home is an exciting home based saving opportunity. So, whether it is books, clothes, accessories, personal and home care products or finding hotels or car rentals, a discount mall offer the best deals.

The Internet is a source of genuine discount shopping malls. Take this opportunity to do some shopping for London memorabilia and souvenirs you wish to bring home to remember the trip by or to give to your family and friends. The Internet is very much like conventional in-home catalogs or mail orders. One of the main reasons consumers shop online is the convenience. 81% said the convenience of whenever they wanted was the main reason they chose to shop online, while 77% said they shopped because it saved time. Internet is convenient, provides a wide choice and competitive prices. And auction websites like eBay have built an success for wholesale fashion clothing is not a recent idea. If you want a convenient way of for wholesale clothes, opt for stores which are found.

Even if you are located from countries such as Canada or United States, this mall sells you its clothing internationally. This is a wholesale online mall which offers Hong Kong Fashion clothing and Japan & Korea fashion clothing. The is a real joy and you can pick up some good bargains from the charity shops that are situated in the center. For your car needs to be a fun experience, selecting your ultimate shade and getting each of the awesome upgrades that you desire is something that everyone enjoys. For example, if you love and clothes, then why not look at a career in the fashion industry? Originally, the products found on eBay were all auctioned, but with the shop craze, the company has established a subsidiary,, which is designed to operate like Shopping is of course not limited to major stores.

Rome Airport offers travelers a wealth of experiences, with a choice of over 140 outlets throughout the airport offering a varying range of products, designer clothing, perfumes, jewelry, food. You can even use it for many television or telephone purchases such as Home Network. A large percent of those who became interested in the concept of shopping, have shown a particular interest for China wholesale products, renowned for their attractive prices and high quality. Avoiding during festival season can also help a credit card holder in staying away from the hassle of due bills and credit card debts. Another advantage of is the ability to shop comfortably from your own home. Always look for discounts and gifts as many companies offer discounts to encourage. Almost every website is user friendly.

Mobile phone shops enable mobile phone users to search and compare packages and prices. You can get very low rates that offer you the quality you are after if you do it right. When you go for your garments, you will find that getting the rating is easy simply by looking at the label. With the web, looking for larger shoes for women has not seemed difficult as it used to be. Thank God the online age has dawned and attaining newer heights with more and more web stores opening up the excitement has only begun. You can simply order the clothes and pay it which makes shopping much more simpler.

In November 2007, an e-Marketer cited a study showing conversions increasing 35% with the aid of rich media, including video. A loan broker does the work for the borrower by searching through their large provider network. Car buyers have often been trapped in expensive car dealer finance plans because they did not understand their options before for the car. Consumers can visit broker web site and find great information and resources to better equip them for car. Careful research before for a car is a much better way to get the best used car loans. For boat insurance, it is usually best to start with the insurance company that insures your cars and your home. Many sites exist to do just that including shopping sites, review forums and sites such as The Web Reviewer that exist to tell you all about whether or not the listed money making programs get good reviews.

CB Richard Ellis is pleased to announce the formation of its new Residential Sales team as part of Residential Services in Hong Kong, in line with the firm’s strategy of offering clients the most comprehensive residential services.

The expansion of residential services is a strategic response to the ever-increasing sophistication of residential development requirements and the exponential growth of the luxury residential market. The new sub-division will complement the existing residential leasing services that the firm currently offers.

The Residential Sales team with its experienced professionals is specifically dedicated to servicing the needs of home buyers, private investors, real estate investment funds, developers and owners to achieve their sales goals and maximise returns in residential property investment. The scope of services provided by the team includes the sales, marketing, advisory and co-ordination in the luxury sector of residential projects and developments; strata title sales of the super luxury and prestige houses, prime residential sites and blocks, penthouse units, low-rise apartment blocks and townhouse developments; as well as tendering and exclusive agent for high-value premises. By aligning CB Richard Ellis’ global network, the team is able to deliver both regional and local opportunities suitable for specific residential investment strategies.

“We are very proud to have a strong Residential Sales team with an excellent track record and a wide range of expertise in the industry. The team is headed by Alan Man, who has over 16 years of residential and investment sales experience. His leadership, impeccable reputation and local market insight will significantly enhance our strategic execution capabilities, and will facilitate continued business growth for CB Richard Ellis,” said Rick Santos, Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis Hong Kong.

“The reinforcement of our professional services expertise reaffirms the aggressive growth and commitment to service that CB Richard Ellis is undertaking in its strategic expansion plans for the Hong Kong office. Looking forward, with the promising local economic growth and buoyant market demand in luxury residential properties, CB Richard Ellis expects positive prospects for the luxury residential sales market in Hong Kong,” he continued.

“My team and I are very honoured to join such a world-class organisation. CB Richard Ellis has a tremendous future, with exciting growth prospects in residential sales services. With our business expansion strategies, we will capitalise on Hong Kong market opportunities and deliver an unparalleled level of service and excellence to our clients,” said Alan Man, Senior Director of Residential Services, CB Richard Ellis Hong Kong.

Alan Man brings with him a wealth of experience in the residential sales industry. Prior to joining CB Richard Ellis, he was a Sales Director of residential department at Savills in Hong Kong (formerly known as First Pacific Davies, FPD Realty and FPDsavills) and a District Sales Associate Director of StatelyHome – Peak & Island South division of Centaline Property Agency Limited.